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Moreton Bay Able Anglers are very lucky and blessed to have such amazing support from some of the greatest brands in the world including some locally owned companies/brands.

Through the support of our sponsors, we are able to advance our service offerings to provide a service like no other here in Queensland.  Moreton Bay Able Anglers work alongside and has partnered with some amazing Disability and Mental Health Service Providers throughout Queensland to enable our service to be the best of the best!

Moreton Bay Able Anglers is owned and operated by Steve, with his extensive background in Marketing, Business Design and Development knowledge.  Steve has over 15 solid years of first hand experience working in Disability Support, Aged Care Support and Mental Health assistance.  Steve sure knows how to bring the party!

Having a Diploma in Web Development and Diploma in Event Management, you have a man who has advanced Moreton Bay Able Anglers to become the largest, most advanced recreational fishing service catering specifically to people living with a Disability or Mental Illness.

Steve loves fishing, it is the primary recreational activity that assisted him to get out of bed when the world seemed so bleak, when the world seemed to be against him, the thing that he could control was when and where he went fishing, then came the bites.  It is the bites, the near misses and the runs that break at the last minute after a good fight, it is these aspects that keep the mind challenged.

With the support of our sponsors, we will be running regular raffles and competitions.  Sometimes sponsors can not commit financially, we understand they have hundreds, if not, thousands of businesses they want to support in the community.  We treasure each and every sponsors and the gifts they donate to us, in return, Steve kicks into marketing and business development mode and promotes each and every sponsor to bring brand awareness to our sponsor(s) to show the community, they care and they are apart of this journey.

You can see our latest 2019 raffle, this is an amazing raffle.


Meet Craig, Redcliffe Queensland Fishing

Ladies and Gents,

Meet Craig. Craig is one of our new participants and today was his third of many fishing sessions. On the last 2 sessions he has caught fish and Craig tells us that he loves fishing because it helps to clear his mind and to relax.

Thank you to his awesome support worker Prue for bringing Craig along and for joining in on the sessions. Prue is an amazing support worker very caring with so much compassion.

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Redcliffe Fishing Group – The Spectrum Organization

The Spectrum Organization, Mental Health Fishing, Disability Fishing, Fishability, Redcliffe Fishing

Redcliffe Peninsula is a beautiful location, not only for fishing but for family and community activities.

Today we had one of our regular customise group sessions for The Spectrum Organisation and wow what a day it was.

First of all, the Redcliffe Peninsula today was just so beautiful, the weather was expected to be hot and uncomfortable, boy did they get it wrong!

The wind was so refreshing, water was smooth and thank you to our sponsor Lowrance, our participants all scored a free new hat today that they all replaced their existing hats for.

The support workers at The Spectrum Organisation are amazing, meeting with them and their clients was a great experience. It felt like we were a BBQ and Music Short of a party.

2 of the participants caught fish today, one of which, Mark was so excited I could hear him at the other end of the jetty. His support worker didn’t catch a fish, only a rock so Mark won a free lunch from his support worker 🙂

Mark has only ever caught 1 other fish in his life so for him, this was a big, proud moment for Mark, his support team and us here at Moreton Bay Able Anglers.

This is what it is all about, sharing experiences and making everyone’s lives good. If we can make 1 persons day each day happy, that’s a great day.

The Spectrum Organization, Mental Health Fishing, Disability Fishing, Fishability, Redcliffe FishingSpectrum Support Services