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    Autism QLD Feeds Moreton Bay Able Anglers

    Moreton Bay Able Anglers provides fishing groups and sessions to people living with a disability and/or mental health.

    Providing a fishing service, in a general sense is handing someone a fishing rod, however, here at Moreton Bay Able Anglers and the reason why we have been so popular since our beginning in 2016 is we go above and beyond.  Every single day we receive emails, inboxes and calls regarding our services.

    As part of these calls we like to ask what, if any, condition the participant is living with, we then kick in our research mode and get to work.  We know how to fish, we fish every day, however, we do not know or understand every disability or mental health condition spectrum, so in order to better support and accomodate each and every participant, we contact the relevant bodies who deal with the specific conditions and ask questions and ask for resources to help us.

    Having friends with children with Autism and seeing some modes, we wanted to investigate other aspects we may not be aware of, and the following documents were provided to us by Autism Queensland which we are very grateful for the help and support we received.