When Is A Good Time To Fish?

You can fish any time of the day or night without a permit or license here in Queensland,
there are some restrictions on areas and equipment you can use, however, vastly, there are no
restrictions. Restrictions apply to what is known as Green Zones, these are areas you cannot
fish or in locations labelled as no fishing, for example boat marinas.

Picking the “good time to fish” is the challenge and the excitement to the sport or recreational
activity, no one can solely say the perfect time to fish, however, if you have spare time and
want an enjoyable, relaxing activity to do, then grab your fishing rod, tackle, bait and off you

There are some ideal prime times to go fishing, these are 4 primary times, often they will
coincide with each other, however, this is not always the way.

Sunrise and Sunset

Sunrise and Sunset being the beginning and end of the day, different months of the year the
time will vary, however, the best suggestion is 60 minutes or 1 hour before the Sunrise until
60 minutes or 1 hour after the Sunrise. This is a 2-hour ‘window of opportunity’ for fishing.

Sunset is the same basis as sunrise, 1 hour prior to Sunset until 1 hour after sunset.
During these periods, it can be very cold and very little to no light (dark), suggested
additional equipment to carry in your backpack or bag is Jumper/Jacket, Beanie or Head
warmer, Mosquito repellent, torch (head torch is best for hands-free operation).

Low Tide and High Tide

Low Tide and High Tide are very similar to the suggestions for Sunrise and Sunset, the
window of opportunity is best noted 1 hour prior until 1 hour after. For example, if Low Tide
was scheduled for 4:32am then you would arrive at your fishing location all ready to fish by
3:32am and fish until 5:32am.