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Our Services

Our fishing services are specifically customised and designed to meet our participants needs in respect to Gender, Age, Demographics, Physical and Mental Disabilities.

✓ Wheelchair Fishing Services

Moreton Bay Able Anglers provide fishing tuition and outings with inclusion in mind.  Our fishing services are available to wheelchair users

Enjoying a relaxing environment with fun, laughter and of course, mother natures amazing elements is all part of the fun.

✓ Fishing Tuition and Tips

This service is tailored for clients who desire to learn more about fishing - tactics, tools and seasons.

We provide a full detailed explanation on what a successful fishing trip entails. Our clients gain access to extensive applicable knowledge on the subject of recreational fishing, the rules and the benefits of fishing.

Clients get exclusive access to fishing tactics and best fishing locations for the season so that they can plan a great fishing trip.  Clients can also obtain a copy of our extensively written fishing tuition manual.

✓ 1 on 1 Brag & Bag Session

Moreton Bay Able Anglers understands some people do not like crowds or groups, for this reason we bring to you our 1 on 1 Brag & Bag Session.  This is where our Reel Instructor and a participant get to spend a couple of hours together for some awesome mateship.

  • Emotional Therapy is achieved by allowing one to sit, relax, listen and enjoy common ground.  Fishing is a great way for people to get together and spend some time.  When you build a bond with someone, you generally begin to open up emotionally and what follows is a free mind.
  • Mother Nature is something that is enjoyed and it's amazing beauty.  Picture, sitting "on the dock of the bay" watching the sun go down with a fishing line in the water, listening to the water move and birds fly.

✓ Land Based Group Sessions

Moreton Bay Able Anglers loves group sessions as much as we love single, solo sessions.

Moreton Bay Regional Council have built some amazing fishing platforms covering Sandgate, Shorncliffe, Clontarf, Redcliffe, Scarborough, Deception Bay, Burpengary, Beachmere, Ningi, Bribie Island, Woorim, Toorbul, Donnybrook and more.

It is these fishing platforms with the guidance of our reel instructor, our participants enjoy a beautiful fishing session.  We understand that some participants only like to fish for small amounts of time whilst others like to fish for hours on end.

Each group session we conduct through our community organisation and care organisation customers.  Each session is design designed with individual input to ensure each participant receives the maximum amount of enjoyment.

How Do You Contact Moreton Bay Able Anglers?

Moreton Bay Able Anglers makes it easy to contact us, simply visit our Contact Us page.