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    Fishing With Felix | Redcliffe Fishing

    Today we had the privilege of meeting Felix and his family for the first time.  Our session was held in Clontarf at the Hornibrook Pier on the Redcliffe Peninsula.

    Felix has done a little bit of fishing prior to coming to our session, today Felix learnt how to cast out his rod correctly and safely and also baiting up his hook.  Felix was having a great day with a lot of activity to keep him interested.  He was fishing, baiting and watching the cast net being thrown and we were using live prawns for bait.

    Felix’s family were just about to leave when Felix brought in a beautiful Bream, then Felix’s support worker was watching Felix and he caught a second fish today.  Felix would really be so happy today, what a great day, great experience and great family.

    Thank you for attending our session today.

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