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    Redcliffe Tides, Redcliffe Wind and Redcliffe Fishing

    Moreton Bay Able Anglers are very safety conscious, not just when it comes to boating but also when it comes to land based fishing and recreational activities.

    Our team always strive to provide safety information and warnings as they come to light, several resources we check before considering going on the water are;


    Willy Weather is a great resources for looking at Tides, Weather, Wind, Moon Phases and all in between.  This is one of the first places we source information, but we do not stop there!

    We have several resources to estimate the value of the winds, it is important that as Skippers of a vessel, we take make careful decisions in regards to our passengers, ourselves and also consideration for the Volunteer Marine Rescue or Coast Guard services.

    To see willyweather wind chart, click here.


    Seabreeze is another great resources for checking the estimated and current wind speeds.  To see the seabreeze wind chart, click here.


    Windy is a great resources for wind surfing, however, the thing to note here is, if the wind is great for wind surfing or sailing, it is definitely not great for boating, so this resources is very valuable in showing the direction the wind is blowing in real time.  We use this resource to check the direction of the wind against some pontoons or jetties so we know if it is safe to board a vessel or if the wind will be too intense for land based fishing groups.

    To view windy map of Redcliffe, Queensland, click here.

    Coast Guard, Redcliffe

    Operating under State and Territory Emergency Management frameworks, our distinct yellow vessels respond to a variety of marine incident types, rescuing thousands of people each year. We also work in support of other agencies in response to events such as marine fire and medical evacuation from vessels.

    To see Volunteer Coast Guard, Redcliffe, click here.

    VMR, Volunteer Marine Rescue, Brisbane

    VMR Brisbane is a non-profit volunteer organisation whose primary purpose is to provide marine search and rescue services to the boating public in Moreton Bay and surrounding waterways. Our base is strategically located at Shorncliffe, adjacent to Brisbane Airport and the Port of Brisbane. We work closely with other Emergency Services organisations including the Qld Water Police, Qld Ambulance Service and the SES.

    To see VMR Brisbane details, Click Here



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